Post your requests in the comments. I’ll try to get back to them ASAP.
Although all of them are noted, due to large number of pending requests they’ll take bit long time to get filled.

*Disabled since not actively fulfilling requests and having stockpile of unfilled ones. Sorry for not filling your request if you have made one previously.

856 thoughts on “Request

  1. are you even uploading the requested movies? cuz its been over 2 weeks since i asked to upload pacific rim, remember there are other sites too so dont get full of yourselfs, its the community thats keeping you alive if you fail the community then you know the outcome i guess.

  2. upload if possible please the following:

    street kings, punisher warzone, the omen 666 (2006 film), Immortals, V for Vendetta, magnolia

    let me know if you can get with message here, thanks

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