Post your requests in the comments. I’ll try to get back to them ASAP.
Although all of them are noted, the time they take to be added may vary. Depending on ease of availability etc. factors.

656 thoughts on “Request

  1. hello
    could you upload mission impossible fallout with full 1080p copy,
    I have download the version on your website but it is not full 1080p and it is cut off on beginning and 2160p not good for me, also it be good if it can be 1 file/1 download.

    also it would be good if you can upload,
    Immortals 2011
    v for vendetta
    The Expendables
    Kranti (80s film)

  2. Hi
    Any chance of uploading these TV series if they’re available in QxR, if can’t source.. then all good..
    However – Thank You for the awesome uploads to date!

    Lost Girl (all seasons)
    Strike Back (all seasons)
    Orphan Black (all seasons)

  3. can you make one single upload please ? i mean you have to play diff vids again and again , so rather than having parts of 1 single movie would you rather upload in single files please ?

    1. Still hoping that you would be able to upload this please:-

      downtown Abbey s01-s06

      The longest week 2014

      Immortals 2011

      Bride and prejudice 2005

      I’m checking out your website everyday to see if you uploaded something from my request…

      Please let me know if you don’t want to upload so I won’t be waiting for nothing…

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